Leo – 3 months

The baby is 3 months old this weekend. Leo is a smiley, talkative, easy-going little man.Leo3.3And, oh my! He is just SO happy. His face is almost always in a smile. Leo3.5Leo is getting so big! He is comfortably in 3-6 month clothing, but no doctor appointment this month for stats. He is starting to get better stretches of sleep too. He isn’t consistent yet, but has had up to 4.5 hours of sleep at night. Even on nights with lots of wake-ups he goes back down to sleep fairly quickly. Leo3.4He loves people! Leo loves hanging out with Jack and Audrey, and seems to try his hardest to make sure he gets to be a part of their bedtime book and songs. He is a chatterbox and loves to have full (loud) “conversations” with us, especially one on one. Leo3.2

Leo also has to started to “play” more with his toys, especially his crib mobile, playmat, and stuffed elephant. He also started rubbing his head this month (like he is really thinking about something).  He probably was pondering the whole Halloween thing. How cute is he as the lion in Wizard of Oz? He made it out to a couple of houses with Jack and Audrey, before he declared “there’s no place like home” and went home to bed. :)




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