This may come as a surprise to some, but I am not a big fan of change.  My big brother teased me for not wanting to embrace the technology of CDs when I still wanted my cassette tapes.  I think I finally made the switch around 1990.  (Mark – you are always right about that kind of stuff.  I should listen more.)
I like routine.  I thrive on being up for a run or to the gym by 6.  I like knowing which coffee shop I visit on which day.  Matt and I have two different pizza toppings that we rotate, and always from our favorite pizza place.  You get the point.  But somehow I find myself in a big state of change.  Baby, career change to grad school, moving to a different city…and its wonderful and scary at the same time.
Then I get to see the change Jack is experiencing.  All in the course of a weekend he is growing so much! He is pulling himself to standing completely on his own.  It is so exciting to see him so happy with his work, and walking in his room to see him standing in his crib.  On Sunday our neighbors’ dog came outside where we were sitting and barked.  Jacked jumped a little, but when the dog had settled a little more Jack gave the dog a quiet “woof, woof.”
In this moment I was reminded how exciting change can be, and am even more excited for what is waiting for us just around the corner.  Good luck to each of you in your changes, big or small, this week!

2 thoughts on “Change

    1. Molly Post author

      Ngan! Yes – We are in West Lafayette, Indiana. Not necessarily super exciting but I am really looking forward to being back in school


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