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Fitness Momma Gift Ideas – And a Giveaway!

This time last year I already had my Christmas shopping done, presents wrapped, and was trying my hand at the new mom thing. But this year, I got caught up in a busy first semester of my PhD, celebrated Jack’s first birthday, and as a result Christmas has completed snuck up on me!

So if you’re also a little behind on shopping and are looking for some Christmas gifts, I have some tried and true favorites that any fitness-minded momma (or non-momma) would love. (And continue reading through the post for an awesome give-away!)

1. Lululemon Wonder Unders – I love these pants! I have them in capri and full length. They are amazing for a run or yoga class because they are such a nice weight and have an amazing wide and comfy waistband. Plus, you can totally get away with throwing a pair of boots over these pants with a tunic (please cover your bum!) as non-workout attire, and then it seems a little easier to justify the price.wonderunders

And, no, sadly, that is not my backside but is from the Lululemon website.  Sigh.

2.  Philips Wake-up Light – This light alarm has pretty much changed my life. (A little dramatic, no?) I have tried to play around with workout scheduling but at this point in my life, early mornings just work out best. I am more consistent if I make sure to make my fitness a priority in the day, and getting a workout in before Jack (& Matt!) are up makes me feel like I am not missing out on them more than I already do. But the sun doesn’t rise until almost 8am at this time of year, so getting out of bed before 6am is tough.Wake-up Alarm

This light gradually lights up your room. You can also program it to play birds chirping. A lot of mornings, the light wakes me up before my phone alarm goes off. There are a couple of models out, but this is the one we have.

3. Another great gift for a busy person on your list is a TRX, especially if your giftee is familiar with suspension training. The basic TRX does come with a DVD (admittedly, I have not watched it) if your giftee has not done TRX before. I love it because I can workout at home if I can’t get out of the house for whatever reason. I used it a lot over maternity leave to sneak in a good workout over naps. Plus, I think it will be fun to take to the park with Jack so we can both play.TRX

4. A personalized fitness gift? How about a package of small training classes? At my new gym in West Lafayette, International Sports Club, they have a holiday package for 8 Barre classes for $55. Pretty nice deal! Or try small group training, like training offered by my favorite trainer in Kansas City, Jenny Chronister at City Gym. These classes feel like such a splurge, and what greater way to spoil someone you love?

5. And a final gift suggestion for the busy fitness momma friend if you’re looking to not drop as much cash…how about the gift of time? I am so impressed with friends who have trained for marathons. It is such a time commitment. And if you have kiddos, it is even tougher to carve out that time for adequate training. Gifting play time so that your loved one can get some running, yoga…whatever – time is truly a thoughtful gift.

Good news if you’re still in the midst of your holiday shopping. Coupons.com has put together some great lists for the moms, dads, kids and teens in your life.

XMAS_FB_GIFTGUIDE_FINCheck out their gift giving guides for some good ideas AND make sure to sign up for a chance to win one of the four $500 gift cards to featured retailers. (Enough money left over to buy something for yourself…)

Coupons.com Holiday Sweepstakes

This link will show you the list of the gift baskets that Coupons.com is giving away.

I especially like their “moms” gift guide and coupon codes (free shipping, anyone?) to accompany their gift suggestions. And I’ll definitely be entering the Mom’s raffle, and hope you get a chance to enter too. $500 worth of gift cards to Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Kate Spade, Fresh Produce, Express, 6pm.com, Sephora, Bath&Body Works, and Target sounds like a nice start to a Merry Little Christmas.

XMAS_BLOGGIFT_MOM_FINCoupons.com holiday gift guides for Moms

AND more good news!! I’m part of a group of Kansas City bloggers giving away a $200 Amazon e-gift card. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter the giveaway. Good luck and happy holidays!!

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Question: What would you buy with a $200 Amazon gift card?

This post was sponsored by Coupons.com.  All product reviews were my own opinion…but if you want to buy any of them for me, that’s cool.  Just kidding…mostly…

Friends with Benefits

No, no, no. Not THAT kind of friends with benefits. I am referring to the benefits of being involved in the fitness community in Kansas City. One of my dear friends/running budding/favorite TRX instructor/Lululemon Ambassador, Jenny, invited me to a Lululemon Fit Session at the Country Club Plaza location.
Lulu asked Jenny to find some of her favorite fitness instructors/trainers that don’t wear a lot of their clothes to come in the store to try on lots of stuff with no pressure to buy. I have a couple of pairs of Lululemon yoga pants that I love but have always been hesitant about spending the money any of their clothes to get drenched in sweat from spinning or running. Their super fun staff helped me pick out clothes that fit for my activities (mainly spinning and running) and asked for feedback about what I liked most about the items I tried.  And what a funny coincidence! Kellen, who helped fit me, took my spin class that morning. So he saw me in action during the morning and knew just how sweaty I get!

My favorites of the day included the Cardio Kick Tank, pictured below.

cardio tank

I really like the fabric “Luxtreme” because it is amazing at keeping me dry during a really sweaty spin class. And the pattern on the shirt flattering for the waist. I think I will like this shirt a lot for spin classes and other cardio or weights classes. I have worn and washed it a couple of times and have been impressed with well it has washed.
I also tried on and liked the Run: Back On Track Tank. run tankThe color is bright and fun and the fit is so comfortable. The length is especially nice in a spin class because it does not ride up. It has a drawcord that will make sure it does not ride up on outside windy runs either. The material is super soft.
I also picked up another pair of the Wunder Under Crops. I already have a pair but have reserved them for yoga. They are such great pants, though, that I decided I would get another pair for spin classes and running. I am loving them!

Be sure to check out Lululemon Plaza’s facebook page for new products and events at the store – like the Monday night run group from the store (LOVE!) and the awesome weekly Sunday yoga classes (free!) taught by some of the best yogis in the city.
(Disclaimer: Lululemon gifted me the Cardio Kick Tank to keep and try. I loved the other two items and purchased them with my own $$)

Friday Favorites

I like hearing about new products that are fun or that make life a little easier.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite things with you as we head into the weekend.  (No worries – I was not in any way compensated to write about these products.  These are just my honest opinions.)

  1. I love my Aerolatte milk frother.  Coffee at home is a little more special with frothed milk.  Yum!  I hoped I would get my $20 use out of this and definitely have.  You can froth any kind of “milk”(cow’s, almond, soy, etc.) and get great results.  I bought mine at Crate and Barrel but it is available in a couple of different stores.frother
  2. I know nursing mommies often have a love/hate relationship with a breast pump.  I can’t imagine what I would have done without this beauty.  I would consider this a fitness “must” for any mom.   Early on this pump enabled me the freedom to go for a run before Jack woke up.  No way to attempt a run whilst full of milk.  (sorry if that is TMI)  And now that I am back at work I am so thankful that I can still provide milk for Jack during the work day and that we can resume our normal routine when I’m home with him.  This double pump is efficient and really easy to use.  Full disclosure:  Some of you may remember that I interned with Medela in college.  Because of my experience there in seeing the wonderful innovation and hearing product reviews I knew I had to have this pump on my baby registry.  Off topic, imagine having “breast pump” on your engineering resume…and think about the typical engineer demographic.  Sometimes those conversations started a little awkwardly.MPNSA001-02
  3. Bobbi Brown Beauty Balm.  I go through phases were I am really into beauty products and times where that area takes back seat.  I (strangely) have longer mornings now but am not really willing to cut into my giggle, singing and picture time with my little ham.  I love that this product is a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation all in one.  I love the result AND it saves valuable time for my mornings. (For reference I use the “fair.”)
  4. And my favorite baby (not available in stores)3.28.13

Any products you’re loving lately?  Have a great weekend!