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A Matter of Perspective

The last couple of weeks have been more stressful than I would like to admit.  There have been a lot of great things like getting an offer on our house (yay!) but the impending move has me feeling anxious.  I know that this change is going to be a great one in the long run, but the uncertainty of leaving a place that has become so comfortable is making me crawl out of my skin.  And, when I am feeling overly anxious, I almost always choose this time to be unhappy with me – my body, my abilities, my relationships….and on and on in a horrible spiral.

Last Monday I started feeling these negative thoughts.  Matt and I took the rug rat for a run, and I was feeling slow and tired.  We got in a short 2 mile run before heading back home for dinner, bath time and the normal night with a baby.  When we were changing from the run, I put Jack on our bed.  I had a shiny bracelet at the other end of the bed that caught Jack’s attention.  I watched as his expression said, “I’m going to get that!”  He army crawled to the bracelet pretty slowly, and he was panting!  But he was so determined.  When he got to his prize he smiled and grabbed.  I let him have a few congratulatory seconds before stealing it back.  What a mood changer!

While Jack only moved about 2 feet, he gave it his all and accomplished something completely new.  I’m going to try to quit whining and just get out there and go for it.  Whether the “it” is getting in a slower 2 miler, or moving hundreds of miles away to get closer to achieving a dream.  I hope your week gets you closer to an accomplishment, big or small, too!  (Now trying to pack with a more mobile baby is another story…)IMG_2232

Boilermaker Baby


IMG_1934Daddy and Mama said I can officially announce that we are going to be Boilermakers starting this fall.  Boiler up! (please don’t mind the drool on my shirt.  I’m working on some more teeth!)

Mama has been thinking about being a professor for a long time and says that seeing me grow is showing her how quickly time is going.  The three of us think its time to go for it!  She is pursuing her PhD in Engineering Education and our family is making the big move to West Lafayette, Indiana.   Daddy is working remotely with his company after the move until October and is looking for good leads for his next gig.  If you know of any great companies in the area please let him know.  Besides being the funniest person I know, I hear he is really good with computers.

I am so excited to be in a college town!  I suggested we all move into a frat house together.  They sound like fun, and Mama makes me giggle when she gets home from work and says, “This place looks like a frat house!” about all of my neat toys that we keep throughout the house along with all of their big people things.  I love toys and I love their big people things so a frat house sounds perfect to me!  I think I could show those college boys a thing about style too.IMG_1976

But Daddy went to check out a house for us over the weekend.  He assured me we can take all of my toys and that we can still take a blanket outside to look at the trees and sky together.  AND he said there is an extra bedroom so we can have our favorite people come stay with us.

Mama and Daddy said that we will go to lots of football and basketball games.  I have been very busy this last month passing a ball back and forth between my hands.  I don’t know if they will want me to play on the team but I am going to try to be ready.

I am so excited to live closer to our family!  I have 4 grandparents, 5 great-grandparents, 2 of my aunts and uncles and lots of extended family a much shorter drive away.  We would love lots of visitors!    

I’ll admit I am having some mixed feelings about the move. IMG_1929I have made lots of friends here in my six months and I’ll be very sad not to see them.  Plus, I hope it will be ok to sport Illini gear at Purdue because I have quite an extensive collection of orange and blue.

We will be very busy these next couple of months.  Classes start in the middle of August, our wonderful Brookside house will be on the market tomorrow,  and we are working on enjoying every last precious minute that we can in Kansas City.  We’ve had some visitors in the last week to help prep for the move.

Grandpa Dave came last week to play.IMG_1950

Grandma Laura and Grandpa Mark came last weekend to play too.IMG_1955IMG_1963

Thanks for reading my first guest post.  I might occasionally contribute to the blog if Mama gets busy with research.