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Happy 5th Birthday, Jack!

Our first baby is 5 today.P10

Jack is so incredibly smart (spoken like any proud parent), and I am impressed with what he seems to soak up from all of his experiences. He asks such well-thought questions, and really wants to understand as many words as he can. He is starting to spell words, and is savvy to any of our attempts to skip words in long books.

He loves his baby brother and does everything he can to make Leo smile and laugh. Along those lines, he has the sweetest heart I know. He loves his cuddles with us every morning before breakfast. He loves sharing things like candy with Audrey (I don’t know that she ever reciprocates!). Today he asked us to guess his favorite person in the family. I think its safe to say that Matt really is number 1 to Jack in everything, but Jack answered that he loves all of us the most and clarified that he wouldn’t want anyone to be sad. He really is just so sweet.P9

Unfortunately, a tender heart with an active imagination means that Jack gets up in the middle of the night more than any of us would like scared. And he jumps up from the couch to cover his eyes at most Disney movies.

He can ride several miles on his bike now (no training wheels) and is FAST! Matt usually runs on foot with Jack, but I have gone a couple of times. He is so encouraging in his genuinely sweet way (Come on, Mommy! Keep practicing and you’ll get faster!). With Matt though, Jack begs for a break. Ha!

Favorites:  Playing cars and trucks, building, history (“what was it like…”), looking handsome (ha!), food (“I just love food”), music (singing and listening), books (avid reader)E2

Dislikes:  alone time (as a first child he really wants me or Matt around his constantly)

Looking forward to:  Christmas and the excitement of Santa this year, (maybe) skiing, spring soccer club, camping (with Matt and Dave).P11

Happy 5th birthday, sweet boy! You are everything we prayed and hoped for!Jack Hospital

Seattle – Jack’s first ocean dip

We are back from a wonderful time in Seattle.  I had a conference and the whole family came along.  We all had SUCH a wonderful time.  One of the best parts?  Jack’s first visit to the ocean!

Saying hi! (& Announcing the Giveaway Winners!)

Hi there!  Long time no talk.  Life has been good, and things have been busy.  Some great workouts, some good family time, and lots of fun.  We had a Purdue-Illinois game while Grandma Jayne, Aunt Tina and Uncle Brandon played with Audrey.Purdue-Illinois

We’ve done lots of cooking and cleaningJack gloves

And not too bad on sleeping.Audrey 5 mnth nap

Still, somehow, it has taken me a couple of weeks to announce our winners.  I wrote the names on pieces of paper and let Jack pick out two winners….and he selected Theresa and Jami.  I will be emailing both of you today to set pick a TRX training session or Well Fed 2.

Christmas (gifts) of the Past

Jack was born very close to Christmas and I was walking around in a fog of new mommy love and complete sleeplessness.  His second Christmas was celebrated after big changes of us moving, me finishing my first semester at Purdue, and on the heels of his first birthday.  We kept Christmas gifts pretty minimal that year, but he was absolutely thrilled with his Fisher Price lawn mower.  He pushed it all over for over for a good 8 months and it was a hit.


This year he is really getting into the Christmas spirit.  He LOVES Christmas music!  He has been fascinated with our Christmas tree, and gets very excited about Christmas lights.


Matt and I have been putting more thought into his gifts this year.  In thinking about a gift that would be meaningful to him I have been reflecting on my childhood Christmases.  I can clearly remember my favorite Christmas gift – my doll Martin.

Martin joined the Hathaway house around Christmas of 1988.  I remember coming down to the Christmas tree and seeing the doll in a carriage Santa had left for me…and thinking it was not a very pretty doll.  I was relatively unimpressed and moved on to other toys for most of the morning.  When I came back to the doll I decided to change “her” clothes (as all little girls enjoy doing) and was surprised to find that my baby was a boy!  (Anatomically correct doll for the win, Santa!)  After finding out that I had the unexpected, a little boy rather than the typical little girl doll, I adored my little baby boy.  He went on vacations with us, he got presents from Santa in following years, and my grade school friends definitely remember him.20141208_162133

Lucky for me, Martin still lives at my parents’ house and Mom was able to snap some pictures of him to send to me.  Do you think this little boy should come live at our house with Jack and Audrey?

Are you still rounding up gifts to share with your loved ones?  I’m partnering up with in The Good Stuff 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes.  Be sure to check it out!  They have gift guides including budget friendly gifts, gifts for enthusiasts and hostess gifts.  PLUS they have a chance to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards or a grand prize $500 Amazon gift card.  The sweepstakes will run from 12/8 to 12/25.  Good luck!




Audrey – 1 Month Old

One month ago we welcomed this little girl into our lives.  It is already hard to remember what life was like without her!IMG_4319

We just had our 1 month doctor appointment.  Audrey was 8lbs 1oz , 20.5 inches at birth and is now up to 10lbs 7oz (81%) and is 22.5 inches long (96%).  I am so excited about my big baby!


IMG_4325Audrey is smiling! She started smiling right at 4 weeks and it melts my heart.

She also has the funniest expressions – this is the Audrey frown.  Can you picture this look on her as she tells Jack he is gross in another couple of years?  Or, “Mom – are you really going to wear those shoes with that skirt?”P5

And she has such an even personality and really doesn’t fuss much.  When she cries waking from a nap all I have to do is tell her “Mommy’s here” and she seems to immediately calm down and wait for me to get her and change her diaper before eating.  Fingers crossed she stays this patient!P1


IMG_4185Sleep is going pretty well for a newborn.  She gives us some longish stretches of sleep at night (up to 4 hours) but more importantly, when she wakes up she gets a quick diaper change, nurses and immediately goes back to sleep.  I can handle wakeups when it isn’t hard to put a baby back to sleep.

Naps are ok during the day most days but other days she seems to only stay asleep if being held.  Although I don’t get much else accomplished those days, getting extra cuddle time in is pretty special.  I now know just how quickly these days go by and I am trying my best to be present and soak up this time with my sweet little girl.

IMG_4311And just for fun – here is a comparison of Jack and Audrey at one month.  What do you think?  Do they look alike?J&A 1 mnth

Two Things Tuesday

I’m looking for an excuse to drop in a little more regularly to say “hi” and thought I’d try out this week with Two Things Tuesday.  I’ll plan for this to consist of things going on right now in life, food, or fitness and anything fun to share.

#1.  My college BFF, her awesome hubby and adorable kiddos came to visit this weekend.  It was the first time our boys have been together.  I think Jack’s walking got better this weekend as he tried to follow the big boys around.  And check out all boys sharing in Jack’s cabinet in our kitchen.  Who would have figured Tupperware and spatulas would have been so interesting?IMG_2925

And who would have guessed that spending a weekend with three boys 4 yrs old or younger would have made me feel so young?

#2.  Purdue’s Co-Rec is hosting a Thriller dance instruction tomorrow night.  As much as I would love to go (seriously!!) it is right in the middle of bedtime and I try not to skip out of the bedtime routine much.  BUT I found a relatively short video on YouTube.
I’ll be trying this out at home.  Any takers in trying to learn it with me?  Maybe it will justify a couple of pieces of candy corn…

Have a great week!

5 Month Update

Jack was 5 months old yesterday.  We are all smiles here in the last month.  Jack has grown so much, and his personality is growing along with the rest of him.  His squeals light up my day, and I can’t help but smile every.single.time he giggles.    IMG_1763

We’ve had some great moments over this past month with Jack’s first non-friend/non-family babysitter (we all survived).   Jack also figured out how to get his feet in his mouth.  His first experience involved biting his toe so hard he left a mark.  No crying from him, but I saw him slowly put his foot down.  He also works hard to pull himself up to sitting.  He loves to do this in the tub and basically holds a V position with his little abs.  I bet he gets sore!!


One of the biggest developments this month is that he plays independently.  He is happy to lay on his playmat talking and playing with his toys for a good 20 minute stretch.  He entertains himself with squeals, looking at his hands, grabbing for things, and lots of kicking.

Sleep is going so much easier too.  We have a nice bedtime routine of feeding, singing and rocking.  We put him down in his crib around 8, awake, and tell him goodnight.  He usually falls asleep shortly after we leave his room.  He has a wakeup somewhere around 3am for another feed and then falls immediately back to sleep before waking for the morning around 6:45 or 7.  For his morning wakeup, he likes to slowly wake up and talk to himself before Matt or I go to get him.


Kicking in the evening.  He likes to spend about 15 minutes bicycling and rapid-fire kicking.  He has such focus!  Bonus if he can have Matt’s stomach to kick against.

Watching parents eat and drink

Most music, especially if mommy or daddy is singing

Going for walks in his stroller

Putting weight on his legs while “standing.”  This always get a  huge, open-mouthed smile

Bath time

Funny noises and silly faces


Bob Marley – I don’t know what it is but we have to get it off the radio immediately because Jack protests whenever his tunes come on.

Having his nose wiped

Crashing noises.  Matt got a huge frown and tears after dropping a bowl tonight.

I love looking back at how much he has grown and changed each month:









This next month will bring many more good memories and milestones.  I need to do some food research in the very near future.  Jack will be starting food soon!!

Friends with Benefits

No, no, no. Not THAT kind of friends with benefits. I am referring to the benefits of being involved in the fitness community in Kansas City. One of my dear friends/running budding/favorite TRX instructor/Lululemon Ambassador, Jenny, invited me to a Lululemon Fit Session at the Country Club Plaza location.
Lulu asked Jenny to find some of her favorite fitness instructors/trainers that don’t wear a lot of their clothes to come in the store to try on lots of stuff with no pressure to buy. I have a couple of pairs of Lululemon yoga pants that I love but have always been hesitant about spending the money any of their clothes to get drenched in sweat from spinning or running. Their super fun staff helped me pick out clothes that fit for my activities (mainly spinning and running) and asked for feedback about what I liked most about the items I tried.  And what a funny coincidence! Kellen, who helped fit me, took my spin class that morning. So he saw me in action during the morning and knew just how sweaty I get!

My favorites of the day included the Cardio Kick Tank, pictured below.

cardio tank

I really like the fabric “Luxtreme” because it is amazing at keeping me dry during a really sweaty spin class. And the pattern on the shirt flattering for the waist. I think I will like this shirt a lot for spin classes and other cardio or weights classes. I have worn and washed it a couple of times and have been impressed with well it has washed.
I also tried on and liked the Run: Back On Track Tank. run tankThe color is bright and fun and the fit is so comfortable. The length is especially nice in a spin class because it does not ride up. It has a drawcord that will make sure it does not ride up on outside windy runs either. The material is super soft.
I also picked up another pair of the Wunder Under Crops. I already have a pair but have reserved them for yoga. They are such great pants, though, that I decided I would get another pair for spin classes and running. I am loving them!

Be sure to check out Lululemon Plaza’s facebook page for new products and events at the store – like the Monday night run group from the store (LOVE!) and the awesome weekly Sunday yoga classes (free!) taught by some of the best yogis in the city.
(Disclaimer: Lululemon gifted me the Cardio Kick Tank to keep and try. I loved the other two items and purchased them with my own $$)

No Fooling

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Jack’s loving daddy.  Matt’s mom put together some comparisons of Matt to Jack at roughly the same age. 2

Matt was a cute enough baby, but turned into one of the most handsome men I have seen in person (in my humble opinion).  It will be so fun to see what our little guy will look like when he grows up.

Today’s workout was inspired by Matt’s first day of being 31 and saying goodbye to 30.

Dirty Thirty

For time:
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Jumping pull-ups
30 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 30 steps
30 Knees to elbows
30 Push press, 45 pounds
30 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
30 Burpees
30 Double unders

This is a Crossfit workout that is super tough but so much fun.  Check out Crossfit’s website if you’re unfamiliar with any of the workouts.

Now off to enjoy a skillet cookie with the birthday boy.  What’s your ideal birthday dessert?