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Jack is 4!

Goldstien2016-2_bwOur favorite little guy turned 4 in December! (And this post has been in draft form until I could commit to going through some pictures.) We celebrated right before the actual date with his first friends’ birthday party at Imagination Station, a kids’ science museum in town. Lots of his friends and their siblings came to celebrate. The kids ran around playing with big foam blocks, magnatiles, dinosaurs, and trains. The museum has a lizard to pet, and we had a special liquid nitrogen ice cream demo that the kids loved!JackBdayParty

We had his 4 year check up and Jack is right where I expected him to be.  Height and weight:  42 lbs and 43.5 inches (90% for weight and 97% for height!). For comparison he was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches at birth. What a difference in 4 years!

Jack’s Favorites: Cars, trucks, tractors, and trains – anything that moves and is loud. He loves gymnastics and goes to “gym bus” every week. Now that it is cold again he will start inside soccer once a week to burn off some energy. He has started enjoying coloring a lot in the last few months, and loves us reading books to him as much as ever. (He would also happily watch TV every day if we would let him). He loves to play and fight with Audrey – and she loves him back.IMG_7204

Our favorites about this age:  Getting into big kid stuff is fun! I do miss some of the cuddly baby days, but luckily Jack loves to get in bed and cuddle with us every morning. He is so sweet (& quiet) when he gets up. He is really fun to converse with, and asks great questions. And he is quite the jokster, and loves to make everyone laugh. Jack has such a beautiful voice and I really enjoy singing along with him.Goldstien2016-23

Looking forward to:  Taking him skiing this winter. We’ll stay fairly local for his first time out, and can’t wait to see what he thinks.

We love this cute little man!IMG_7378