Leo at 2 months

At his 2 month doctor appointment yesterday, Leo weighed in at 11 lbs 1oz (34th percentile) and 24.5 inches (90th percentile).  Long and lanky! He still is comfortably in size 0-3 month clothes. And his eyes are still a very pretty blue. I know baby’s eyes can change color (maybe up until 2 years old), but Jack and I might be the only brown-eyed people in the family.IMG_0864

Eat:  Let’s start with one of his strengths. :) He is a great eater…and certainly enjoys eating. He has had a couple of bottles and has done really well with them. (Thank goodness!) I decided I had better not wait as late to introduce a bottle to him.

Sleep:  Well this might be his “needs improvement” area. I can’t help but compare the kids, and he is not the worst sleeper we’ve had (eh hmm…Jack) but he isn’t one for long stretches of sleep yet. For the most part he is up every 2 hours at night. Still. But the good news is that he is usually up for about 20 minutes and goes back down. He naps 2-4 times a day, of totally unpredictable length, but lately his naps have been as long as two hours. (Long naps have been amazing for me getting work done during the day!)


(Leo thinks Jack is hilarious!)

Interesting odds and ends:

He still gets hiccups all the time, especially after he eats.

He is super smiley and does lots of coo-ing

Leo totally knows Jack and Audrey’s voices and immediately lights up when he hears them.

He went to his first Purdue football game over the weekend, and was really happy to hang out on me the whole game. It was a beautiful day to be outside together! Next week, Leo will have his first flight. Matt, Leo, and I are traveling to Kansas City for 24 hours for a good friend’s wedding. Wish us luck!IMG_0854

One thought on “Leo at 2 months

  1. Rosamond McDonel

    such fun to read about your family. your days and nights sound tiring at the moment–but long naps sounds
    encouraging. darling family. thank you for sharing.


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