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Jack at 4 and a half

Well I had a nice post typed up about Jack in June but didn’t get a chance to comb through some pictures to include. Here we are a month and a half later with some visuals to go with the words.


IMG_0616This sweet boy is 4 and a half this week! Sweet is certainly one of the best words to describe him, especially when he greets you with a ginormous grin and big hug. I’ve got to say that his smile is one of my favorite things in the world.

He is still very much into cars and trucks, but is more inventive in his play creating stories for all of the car action. He can spend a long time coloring or building with his Leggos. Jack is still very much a book aficionado requesting books all times of day. Despite some nice quiet play, he is a rowdy, rough, and tumble little boy constantly running and moving. He loves daytime soccer and gym bus, and recently played in his first soccer league. It was really cute to watch – He always wanted to be part of the action. Jack also got his first real bike this spring! He has ridden a Strider Bike for awhile (no pedals) and is pretty fast. We took the plunge to go to pedals without training wheels. Matt has done all of the following and steadying, and Jack has picked it up much quicker than I would have even thought! He can tool all around the neighborhood now (as long as Matt helps him start).IMG_0584

He is really becoming  a great helper. He wanted to help encourage Audrey for potty training a few months ago and was ready to read to her while we all patiently waited and also wanted to share in any potty training rewards. Ha! Although he has played with Audrey for awhile, he seems to see her as much more of a peer lately. Their conversations are hilarious, they band together for more negotiation power, and (of course!) they fight negotiate often with each other. They were fighting for room in my lap last night with songs, and I asked if they were going to fight with the baby like that. He smiled very sweetly and gave an honest “probably.”IMG_0464

This guy is (finally) a really good sleeper. He only naps half of the time, but sleeps pretty solid at night. Even if he is up before 7, he usually reads in bed before coming to get us. And he is still an adventurous eater, at least trying everything. More than that, he is appreciative. With Matt traveling a lot, I have implemented at least one “breakfast for dinner” night of egg & avocado toast and spinach cakes. The first time we had it for dinner he told me three times how much he loved the whole dinner, taking away any guilt for serving a very simple super. He usually comments on how much he enjoys “all of it” about dinner. He has had a wonderful example of an appreciative, hungry man from his daddy. :)

His stats for good measure:  45.5 inches tall, and 45.5 pounds of fun little boy!