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Audrey is TWO!

Goldstien2016-65 (Photo Credit:  Kim Davis Photography)

Audrey turned two on Monday October 17th. We celebrated with Gigi and Papa, all of my siblings, Cousin Maurine, Aunt Stephanie and Michael (while Grandma & Grandpa were en route to welcome our first nephew, Cole). Jack declared it “Audrey’s best birthday ever!” and he was totally right. I don’t know how many birthdays we will be able to celebrate with so much family and it was exactly what all of our hearts needed this month.AudreyParty

Height and weight:  28 lbs and 38.75 inches…although we think the height measurement was a bit generous (70% for weight and 99% for height!). For comparison she was 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches at birth and 21 lbs and 31.5 inches last year at this time.AudreyInPink

All Disney music (and she seems to know all of the words), baby dolls, trains, picking out her own clothes and shoes, putting on her coat, pushing her shopping cart around the house, going to the real grocery store (“I get popcorn and cookies, right mommy?”), hikes and walks, puzzles, going along on bike rides, looking at pictures of herself (“May see please?”), books, sucking her thumb.Grandma&Audrey

Being told what to do. She wants to be in charge of EVERYTHING (gotta love a girl who knows what she wants, right?). Me being sweaty (“Mommy sweaty? (with look of disgust) Go upstairs. New shirt peese!”), trimming toenails (ugh!). She can be slow to warm up to people, and the one time in the last 6 months I took her to the gym she freaked out.Audrey&Daddy

Eat & Sleep:
She eats pretty much everything. Most kids seem to be carb lovers but Audrey is a carnivore – Chicken, beef, fish is all fair game. She is adventurous and likes whatever is on the adults’ plates (like raw red onions – one of her favorites!). I am SO thankful for my good eater. I am equally appreciative of her good sleep habits. We usually read books with the boys before she asks me if I’m sleepy. She announces, “Girls are sleepy” before kissing the boy goodnight. We read another couple of books, tell a story, and both sing songs together before she sweetly lays in her bed. She gets a solid 11.5-12 hrs at night, sleeping 7:45ish-7:30 and gets a 1.5-2 hour nap each day.Goldstien2016-61 (Photo Credit:  Kim Davis Photography)

Looking forward to:
Teeth coming in. Two year molars haven’t been too bad (yet) but we keep waiting for it knowing its coming.

More family time! Having Audrey and Jack with their cousin, Maurine, these last few days was SO much fun. They all adore each other and it was so easy to have them together. We are traveling to California in mid December to go visit Uncle Mark and family AND to visit Aunt Tina and Uncle Brandon (& Baby Cole!!). Now we just need a visit to see Uncle Doug and Aunt Candice (& Baby Lee) so we can get all of the cousins together.Papa&Girls

Another Disney Cruise. No plans for one but Audrey and Jack request a repeat often.

Halloween! Audrey and Jack have given a couple of (constantly changing) suggestions for Halloween costumes and I think we have a winner.

I couldn’t love my Audrey Elizabeth more than I do. I am so honored to be her mother, and adore her loving and assertive personality. She completes our family, and has made these last two years even sweeter than I could have ever imagined!Goldstien2016-37 (1)(Photo Credit:  Kim Davis Photography)