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Audrey – 9 Months Old

9 months – equal time on the inside and outside for our little girl.

This has been a really fun month full of big milestones.Audrey9Months

Audrey moved into her own room in the last month…I’ll admit I miss waking up to her sweet little talking.  (I think Matt was afraid I’d try to room with her until she leaves for college!) I also had my first few nights away from her.  I traveled to a conference for a few nights and she got extra special time with her boys at home.  Unfortunately, this has coincided with her mommy phase. She needs me in her site at all times – equal parts flattering and confining.

2015-07-20 06.51.42She waves “hi” and “bye bye” really well.  And her giggling…oh, she has gotten silly and even sweeter over the last month.  She loves to jabber to us and laugh.  She loves peek-a-boo and gets a kick out of being the one to hide.  Audrey has started clapping in the last week, and we all love it.  She is just such a happy baby.

2015-07-06 18.32.52Audrey so far is a very easy eater.  She usually has one puree a day and does table food for the rest of her exploring.  Favorites right now are peas, sweet potatoes, cheese, avocado, banana, and scrambled eggs.  She had her 9 month appointment on Friday and is 99th percentile for height (30.25 inches) and 67th percentile for weight (19 lbs 4 oz).

photo (18)She plays with toys more than I remember Jack playing at this age, but I think it is because she can sit playing beside him and loves to be busy like him.  She is a fast crawler, pulls to stand and loves to climb.  She loves to tease Jack by climbing in his toddler bed to grab his stuffed animals.  I can see my refereeing starting already!

Happy 9 months, sweet baby girl!