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Audrey – 1 Month Old

One month ago we welcomed this little girl into our lives.  It is already hard to remember what life was like without her!IMG_4319

We just had our 1 month doctor appointment.  Audrey was 8lbs 1oz , 20.5 inches at birth and is now up to 10lbs 7oz (81%) and is 22.5 inches long (96%).  I am so excited about my big baby!


IMG_4325Audrey is smiling! She started smiling right at 4 weeks and it melts my heart.

She also has the funniest expressions – this is the Audrey frown.  Can you picture this look on her as she tells Jack he is gross in another couple of years?  Or, “Mom – are you really going to wear those shoes with that skirt?”P5

And she has such an even personality and really doesn’t fuss much.  When she cries waking from a nap all I have to do is tell her “Mommy’s here” and she seems to immediately calm down and wait for me to get her and change her diaper before eating.  Fingers crossed she stays this patient!P1


IMG_4185Sleep is going pretty well for a newborn.  She gives us some longish stretches of sleep at night (up to 4 hours) but more importantly, when she wakes up she gets a quick diaper change, nurses and immediately goes back to sleep.  I can handle wakeups when it isn’t hard to put a baby back to sleep.

Naps are ok during the day most days but other days she seems to only stay asleep if being held.  Although I don’t get much else accomplished those days, getting extra cuddle time in is pretty special.  I now know just how quickly these days go by and I am trying my best to be present and soak up this time with my sweet little girl.

IMG_4311And just for fun – here is a comparison of Jack and Audrey at one month.  What do you think?  Do they look alike?J&A 1 mnth