Two Things Tuesday

I’m looking for an excuse to drop in a little more regularly to say “hi” and thought I’d try out this week with Two Things Tuesday.  I’ll plan for this to consist of things going on right now in life, food, or fitness and anything fun to share.

#1.  My college BFF, her awesome hubby and adorable kiddos came to visit this weekend.  It was the first time our boys have been together.  I think Jack’s walking got better this weekend as he tried to follow the big boys around.  And check out all boys sharing in Jack’s cabinet in our kitchen.  Who would have figured Tupperware and spatulas would have been so interesting?IMG_2925

And who would have guessed that spending a weekend with three boys 4 yrs old or younger would have made me feel so young?

#2.  Purdue’s Co-Rec is hosting a Thriller dance instruction tomorrow night.  As much as I would love to go (seriously!!) it is right in the middle of bedtime and I try not to skip out of the bedtime routine much.  BUT I found a relatively short video on YouTube.
I’ll be trying this out at home.  Any takers in trying to learn it with me?  Maybe it will justify a couple of pieces of candy corn…

Have a great week!

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