10 Month Update

We’re in the double digits, folks!  Jack celebrated his 10-month birthday with his first train ride, his first time in Chicago, and his first time marathon spectating. IMG_2797

He is such a funny little person.  I seriously have a blast playing with him and watching him play.  In the last month he has started loving big pictures books.  When I ask him if he wants a book, he whips his head around to where his books are and gets excited.  He has favorites and has his preferred reading style.  The first look (of the day) through a book is a quick pass-through, the second time involves touching and the third time gets more attention with lots of touching and pointing and the occasional licking. IMG_2730

Jack’s stepping/walking is coming along, and he takes a max of about 14 steps on his own, but loves to cruise along the furniture.  My favorite part of this month?  He kisses!  Big, wet, open mouth kisses to mommy, daddy and his favorite stuffed animal, Monster.  He also wrestles with his stuffed animals and plays “basketball”…such a little bundle of energy.  IMG_2814IMG_2804IMG_2832He is still a great little eater, although he has slowed down some in the last couple of weeks. What a little turkey! IMG_2746Bath time is hilarious!  He understand “all done” and if he stands up in the tub we ask him if he’s all done and he sits down as quickly as he can.  He loves the bath!

Matt’s parents are coming to visit this weekend.  I’m looking forward to them seeing his dancing and clapping to music.  Even if your weekend is not full of dancing, I hope its filled with fun.  Have a great one!

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