9 Month Update

9 months!  Almost as long on the outside as on the inside.  I know I sound like a broken record but each new phase just keeps getting better.  Jack is so action-packed.  He has to be on the go all the time, except for first thing in the morning.  He really likes to cuddle and wake up slowly.  And don’t try to rush him!  He’ll let you know he isn’t ready to get moving yet.  IMG_2673

He toddles around the house really well.  He still has his half human half monkey crawl but it is fast. He also scales the walls and cruises along the furniture.  He can hold his standing on his own for about half a minute and gets so excited that he claps.

He still loves baths and laughing.  He recently is really into books, especially the touch and feel kind.  He looks around for them at bedtime and loves to settle into one of our laps to follow along and help turn the pages.  He loves light switches and smiles at the Dr. Suess cover in his bedroom (thanks Aunt Tina!) as he turns it off and on…and off and on…Speaking of smiling he smiles and talks to the baby on the water jug, his Pixar bath toys from Uncle Mark, and some of his stuffed animals.  It just cracks me up.

The house is mostly baby-proofed.  Anything that isn’t really a toy like dirty shoes and door stops are especially appealing.IMG_2658

He must be in the middle of a growth spurt.  He fell asleep at dinner this week, which is not like our champion eater.  He is quite the eater and hasn’t met a vegetable he doesn’t like.  Fruit is still just so-so for him.  And cheese is the first food he reaches for on his tray.
IMG_2659And just for fun- quick look at 1 month compared to his current 9 months:1MnthIMG_2666We went for a hike/walk near the Celery Bogs on Cattail Trail with Jack yesterday, and a couple asked us how old Jack is before telling us their “baby” is 28.  Time is going fast, he is growing up, but this little guys will always be our baby.

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    1. Molly Post author

      Miss you too, Amber! Thought about you on Saturday while I was writing this and you were deep into many, many miles.


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