The good and bad of adjusting

I’m starting my third week of classes and finally feel like I have caught my breath.  Nope, the house is still not completely unpacked.  I haven’t had a run outside our neighborhood.  I’m working through reading and writing more than I’ve done in any of my other engineering schooling.  And I started to feel “homesick” last week when I started thinking about my friends in Kansas City.

I pulled up some pics that made me smile.  On my last run with my runner girls, self dubbed Runch (we run, then we lunch), I found these signs all along our route.  Wow, do I miss these girls!  (And a certain couple of other friends who weren’t necessarily part of the runner gang but who made me smile all the time.) IMG_2441IMG_2443IMG_2442

So I let myself pout about missing people for a bit.  And about having to leave a pub where we were going to order dinner because Jack is “underage.” (Indiana has some strange liquor laws).   But my PhD program is surpassing my expectations.  I am so excited about my classes and potential research.  My cohort is amazing!

Plus we are now close enough to make easy trips to see family.  We went to Rossville on Saturday to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  Jack was a charmer the whole time. IMG_2580

We also bought a baby pool this weekend because Jack is such a water baby.  The cuteness could just about kill me.

IMG_2601IMG_2615IMG_2616(Believe it or not, the “toy” Jack is holding is his favorite and was attached to his baby bath tub.  He calls it Blah Blah)

And I took a much needed study break on Monday to go for a hike at Ampitheater Park in West Lafayette.  It was beautiful weather and a pretty flat but shaded hike.  I think we will be here a lot in the (1)

And tonight I taught my first cycle class at International Sports Club near Purdue Research Park.  I have a 5:30pm Tuesday night class.  SO excited to be jumping back in!  Plus, I have the option of 3:30pm classes with college students.  Flexibility is nice!

Plenty more adjusting to do, but so happy to have my two favorite side-kicks with me for the journey.  Has anyone been to Lafayette?  Any suggestions for places we need to check out?

11 thoughts on “The good and bad of adjusting

  1. Lisa

    Molly!! I love your blog!! Best of luck in school and in your new home. I’m so sad you’re not in KC but when you come back to visit I hope we can get together! Jack is the CUTEST!!!! Much love to you and your sweet family!

    1. Molly Post author

      Thanks, Lisa! I miss you and the Hay Group gang lots! Please say that you and Eric will head to Andres’ sometime for lunch for me?

  2. Jenny Chronister

    I pout about you not being here too! I’m glad classes are going well, I am really looking forward to seeing you in just over a month!

  3. Megan @ Fiterature

    Adjusting to a new, unknown life is hard. But it can also bring some of the greatest blessings of your life. I know this first hand – my RUNchers are the greatest gift KC had given me!!! Miss you oodles – see you in Chicago!

  4. Amber H

    I miss you and our early morning conversations so much!!! I am glad that you are enjoying school and getting to teach spin. Jack is growing so quickly. I can’t wait to see you!!!!


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