Monthly Archives: August 2013

8 Month Update

Wow! What a crazy month. Since the 7 Month Update, we sold and moved out of our house in Kansas City (more on that later), I finished work, and we moved to West Lafayette, Indiana. Lots of changes for this little guy in terms of his routine, but lots of good things too. He has already gotten lots of grandparents time with both sets of grandparents. He is such a lucky little boy to be loved so much.IMG_2437

Since the last Jack update he has been pulling up on everything. He loves to practice his standing and is a little daredevil. He tries standing with one hand and then no hands. So far, I have counted about 10 seconds of solid standing on his own time. Unfortunately this has meant lots of tumbles, and his first black eye at day care. He walks a little on his own while holding on to things.

Crawling is fine. He has some strange methods…almost like a monkey with one knee down and the other leg in a half walk…I’m not describing it well but it is funny. He can get to anything he really wants quickly with crawling (dirty shoes, bolts, jewelry) but is mostly interested in standing.

Food is going really well. Jack is a TANK! He is doing mostly purees with some self feeding. He loves orange food (sweet potatoes, squash and carrots), avocados, peas, broccoli, oatmeal and cheerios. Still not a big fruit guy.

He still loves songs and singing, seeing people laughing and making silly faces, playing peek-a-boo, and bath time. He is not a fan of having his diaper changed, clothes changed, or the end of a meal before he is ready. He is funny and sweet, and a little crazy at times. How did I ever get so lucky??IMG_2465IMG_2484IMG_2486