Countdown of Kansas City Favorites

I’ve lived in Kansas City 6 and a half years.  Five of those years have been in wonderful Brookside.  I love this city and am going to miss a lot when we are gone.  We are trying to take advantage of our remaining time here (just over a week!) by visiting with our favorite people and places.

Thursday at Bier Station with my favorite people, the best cupcakes in the city (Cafe Europa lemon and red velvet), and a game of Cards Against Humanity:IMG_2334 IMG_2335 IMG_2336 IMG_2337

A walk around Brookside with the “Jack Pack”IMG_2348

And today at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, with the famous shuttlecocks. IMG_2370

It was an unseasonably nice July Sunday here so we took advantage of walking around the Sculpture Park and the Kauffman Gardens.  IMG_2385IMG_2401If you live in Kansas City or have been to visit, what would make your “must do” list?

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