Thursday Heyday

Today started too nice not to share.  With the impending move and life being busy in general, workouts have still been a regular part of my day but have been efficient and ordinary.

Last night, my favorite workout buddy, texted to say she had the perfect workout for us after I requested something “strengthy.”  (Doesn’t strengthy sound serious?)

2000m row

2 rounds of:
20 thrusters
20 sumo deadlift high pull
20 push jerks
20 overhead squats
20 front squats

Followed by tabata abs

Emily muscled up the 45 lb bar for the exercises and I happily grabbed the 40 lb bar.  Rowing is such a great exercise because it warms up your whole body and, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend next to you, can chat a bit.

The second round was tough, but Coach Em said, “Try doing 10 of each the second round.  And if 10 is hard…just do more.”  How great is it to have people who know you’re capable and who push you to be better?

Plus coffee at one of my favorite Kansas City shops was waiting for us after we

Clearly this smiling face will not be at my next gym but I hope a rowing machine will be there.  What is your favorite 10 minute cardio option?

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