Midweek Break

Just a quick stop in to say hi.  Wonderful start to the day here!  Jack is back to his happy self now that the second tooth has pretty much broken through.  So I was well-rested headed into spin this morning and got a great workout.  Right before class my friend, Emily, lovingly bullied me into a 5 minute plank.  Love friends who push you!

And to help your day get off to a good start I have to share some quick videos of Jack from this weekend.  He thinks he is playing a game when I take his onesie off and giggles as he tries to pinch his arms to his side.  Matt will come to Jack’s nursery and ask if I’m changing a onesie again…and I give a huge smile and an unapologetic yes.


And the second is Matt with Jack…our sweet little boy is an equal opportunity laugher.


I hope your day is full of smiles too.  Anything making you laugh lately?

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