3 Month Update

I know its cliché, but where has the time gone?  It’s hard to believe that three months ago we were first getting to know this little guy.

Jack Hospital

And here are Jack’s changes at each month.





3MnthDefinitely the same baby, but so much more expressive.  I don’t think there is anything better than the big smiles he loves to give me and Matt.  We are starting to get into a new rhythm with my return to work, but he seems to be happy (& exhausted) after his time at day care.   And I don’t want to jinx things but he slept 7 solid hours last night – a record for him!  Although I don’t think these long stretches of sleep will be consistent for awhile I’m so happy to know he is capable of it.  I took advantage of 6 of those hours which was the longest stretch of sleep I have had in three months.  (Well it wasn’t quite a solid 6 because I had to peak in his room to make sure he was still there!)  After that great night of sleep I had the best run I have had since Jack was born with my lovely runner girls.


We are starting to see more of Jack’s personality.  He loves “talking” to us, and the tone and inflection he uses crack me up!  He also loves music, and smiles and squeals when I sing to him.  It is wonderful to have such an interested audience!

He is really comfortable with tummy time and can roll himself from tummy to back.


You can see those little hands in his mouth in the two month picture.  Around that time he decided that his hands are the best toys ever.


As far as my personal updates three months into parenthood, I am surprised how normal being Jack’s mama feels.  If I’m being honest, I’ve never really been a “baby person.”  But I find my baby to be the most fascinating little person I’ve ever met!  (I might be a little biased.)  Jack brings me so much happiness.


Thanks for reading this proud mommy’s ramblings with a very photo heavy post!

14 thoughts on “3 Month Update

    1. Molly Post author

      Amber – getting to see you and run with you this morning really made my day! And back at you on the wonderful mommy comment.

  1. Kelly Jo Lee

    Love reading this and hearing that you and your beautiful family are doing so well! Our little guys will have to meet someday. Only a month and a half apart! I have to agree with your comments in your blog… Being a mommy, having this baby… It’s what life is all about, huh?!!
    Can’t wait to catch up… and thank you for sharing such a wonderful blog!
    Kelly Jo Lee

    1. Molly Post author

      Thank you, Kelly! We would love to get together with you guys – and thanks so much for reading.

  2. jess doeden

    Jack is just so perfect! A couple of these pictures he looks so much like your dad! He’s a cutie….I think you should keep him!

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