Running, Box Jumps, Wall Balls, Oh My!

This morning I started the day with me time. Good sweaty me time. When my alarm went off at 5:30am I was on autopilot and ready to hit the gym. Then I remembered that the new mom routine requires a couple of extra steps before heading out the door including pumping milk. After a 3 hour stretch of Jack not eating, pumping (or waking him to eat) is 100% mandatory to be able to do things like run. I think my wake-ups might need to be a little earlier – yikes!

After missing my Wednesday workout I wanted to make sure that today’s was sufficiently intense. I have a spiral bound notecard deck full of some of my favorite Crossfit and Crossfit inspired workouts and knew that any of them would be a great Thursday workout and that I wouldn’t have to think about putting exercises together. I randomly flipped the book open to “Kelly” which is a workout of 5 rounds of: 400m run, 30 box jumps, and 30 wall balls. So after a 15 minute warm-up on the elliptical I set out on this workout. You can bet I was breathless and sweaty by the end! If you want to check out proper form for any of these exercises make sure to visit Crossfit’s website as they have great instructional video clips.

After the workout, I rushed home to a hungry baby and had a leisurely morning of feeding and coo-ing before taking Jack to day care. When I put him in his teacher’s arms this morning he gave me his huge toothless grin. Today was certainly easier than yesterday – partly because of starting the day doing something good for myself and partly because I think we are starting to get more comfortable with the flow of our days. And who can really have a bad day when you get a genuine smile of love from such a sweet innocent face?

I hope your Thursday left you feeling happy and accomplished too!

4 thoughts on “Running, Box Jumps, Wall Balls, Oh My!

    1. Molly Post author

      Isn’t that the best? I put this book together in the first couple of weeks after Jack was born when I was looking forward to more than walks.

    1. Molly Post author

      It was really fun to get into some spreadsheets this week. :) AND I am working 4 days a week so I get a great 3-day weekend with my guy every week. Fingers crossed I can grab coffee after our Tuesday morning run so I can hear about your new job!


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