Audrey – 1 Month Old

One month ago we welcomed this little girl into our lives.  It is already hard to remember what life was like without her!IMG_4319

We just had our 1 month doctor appointment.  Audrey was 8lbs 1oz , 20.5 inches at birth and is now up to 10lbs 7oz (81%) and is 22.5 inches long (96%).  I am so excited about my big baby!


IMG_4325Audrey is smiling! She started smiling right at 4 weeks and it melts my heart.

She also has the funniest expressions – this is the Audrey frown.  Can you picture this look on her as she tells Jack he is gross in another couple of years?  Or, “Mom – are you really going to wear those shoes with that skirt?”P5

And she has such an even personality and really doesn’t fuss much.  When she cries waking from a nap all I have to do is tell her “Mommy’s here” and she seems to immediately calm down and wait for me to get her and change her diaper before eating.  Fingers crossed she stays this patient!P1


IMG_4185Sleep is going pretty well for a newborn.  She gives us some longish stretches of sleep at night (up to 4 hours) but more importantly, when she wakes up she gets a quick diaper change, nurses and immediately goes back to sleep.  I can handle wakeups when it isn’t hard to put a baby back to sleep.

Naps are ok during the day most days but other days she seems to only stay asleep if being held.  Although I don’t get much else accomplished those days, getting extra cuddle time in is pretty special.  I now know just how quickly these days go by and I am trying my best to be present and soak up this time with my sweet little girl.

IMG_4311And just for fun – here is a comparison of Jack and Audrey at one month.  What do you think?  Do they look alike?J&A 1 mnth

A New Type of Anniversary

Baby Audrey is here!  It has been a whirlwind of a week, and has been wonderful in so many ways.  Matt and I also celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this week.  Eight years ago we were celebrating starting our lives together.goldstein_1046
goldstein_0559We have celebrated our anniversary in Portland/Willamette Valley, Boston/Martha’s Vineyard, Savannah/Tybee Island, Santa Fe, Europe, and the Grand Canyon.  And now, on our second night home from the hospital, we spent the day celebrating starting our lives as a family of four…at home.    IMG_4103Matt and I are a little older than the couple in the first pictures, but we couldn’t be happier with the changes on the horizon.  Our local anniversary celebration is one of my favorites yet!

Jack at 22 Months

I really had intended to do a 20 month update with Jack because I felt like he had changed so much from his 18 month update.  But then life got busy with Matt’s work travel schedule and my fall classes starting back up…and enjoying life with a really fun little toddler.  However, I feel like I need to do a quick update while Mr. Jack is an only child.  (Who knows?  Maybe for only a matter of days?)

We’ve been packing a lot of fun into the last couple of months.  While I was in the middle of my readiness assessment for a few weeks (aka PhD Qualifying Exam) Jack and Matt built a playset in out backyard.  Now Jack loves tools and knows that Daddy has much cooler toys than Mommy.IMG_0640

IMG_3763Our typical hangouts have included the park, the waterpark, and evenings of Scotty’s (a restaurant) followed by a walk to check out the fountain, pedestrian bridge and train station.  Jack now will request “Scoggy’s” at random meal times – Creatures of habit.IMG_0666

Milestones since our year and a half update:  He counts on his own to ten (making diaper changes more tolerable for everyone), is a much faster runner and much more coordinated jumper.  His balance bike is getting a lot more use – and he is getting better and better each ride.

His language developments are really fun.  It is so much fun to have mini conversations with him.  I asked him this morning if he was tickled last night and he answered “yes” and told me “doggy tickled Jack” and then gave me a big grin.  He has some good 3 and 4 word sentences.  My favorite?  Jack love Mommy.IMG_0576IMG_0558

Current likes:  all sports – playing and watching (with the ranking of basketball, football, soccer, baseball in that order).  He will request watching sports on the weekends and Matt is pretty happy to oblique.  I’ll try to post a quick video of his spectating this weekend.IMG_0699IMG_0698

And this past weekend we went to our first Purdue football game.  We went to visit the Boilermaker Special before the game (yay – Trains!) and saw the band warm up.  He loved cheering for Purdue (go, go go!  Fall down!  Pur-doooo!)IMG_0686

Other likes include:  Trains, books, his stuffed animal “doggy”, and blankets.  He is slowing down a bit on food compared to where he used to be but is still a really good eater.  He will try everything and is pretty adventurous.M&J Oktoberfest

And Jack has been talking about his baby a lot.  I know his world is going to change so much, but I think he is going to be an amazing big brother.  Wish us luck in the next few months!IMG_0616

Jack – One and a half years

One weekmatt jack

6 monthsIMG_2009

1 yearHoliday Portrait (21)-editOne and a half years

photo 2 It’s been a year and a half since this fun little man entered our lives.  Here’s what he’s been up to 1

Personality:  Smilely and happy, physical, little daredevilIMG_3649

Height/Weight:  34.5 inches and 30 lbs 4 oz, 99th percentile in both!  He wears 2T clothes most of the time now and really needs to transition to 3T jammies…I think he has his mom’s big feet.

Likes:  Some of the same stuff from our last check-in…still loves bathtime, books, basketball, balls, balloons and songs.  He has started singing along to songs in the last couple of weeks (Wheels on the Bus and Baa Baa Black Sheep).  I love it!  He loves trucks, cars, trains and bikes – real and in books.  Running and playing outside.  The park and especially the swings and slides.  Food!  He still is the best eater – all fruit (especially blueberries, raspberries, bananas, watermelon and grapes), most veggies, all dairy (cottage cheese is his favorite food), oatmeal (every weekday morning for breakfast), fish, crackers, pasta…and anything that anyone else is eating.IMG_3668

Dislikes:  Not having mommy and daddy’s full attention when he wants it.  Stopping play for diaper changes.

Talking:  I have been amazed how quickly words have been coming in the last couple of weeks.  There are so many words that he uses in correct context but my recent new favorites are please, fire truck, all wet, a mess!, pretty, byebye, baby.  And he repeats things we say…his favorite is to repeat “I know” in the same way that I say it.  It cracks me up!

He has started identifying objects as belonging to certain people.  He knows which running shoes are Matt’s and which are mine.  He knows that the Cheez-Its are Matt’s and will happily tell you about them.  “Dada’s!  Hot!”

His favorite books are:  Guess How Much I Love You, Richard Scary’s Busy Town, and the Llama Llama collection.  He is a book junkie, though, and loves to sit in our laps and read almost any book.  My mom spoils him with books nearly every visit, and Matt and I are so thankful.  You need quite a book collection with this little book aficionado!

Thanks for letting me indulge in a recap of some of the happenings of an 18 month old!

Yoga and the Zoo

I’m celebrating the end of my first year as a PhD student!  My last paper is done, and I am taking a quick breather before a big week of research.  We’ve had a lot of fun around here lately, with wonderful weather and a really happy toddler.  Our weekends have included strength and yoga at home…with my favorite little person who likes to be involved in everything Matt and I babyAnd a really fun trip to the zoo and park on Saturday.  zooJack hasn’t been to the zoo since he was a “baby.”  Remember this tiny little guy?  IMG_1898Our outings just keep getting more and more fun.  He loved the monkeys and the petting zoo.  We didn’t get a chance to ride the train through the park but he loved yelling “choo choo” when it was finishing for the night.  We followed our zoo time with lots of playing in the park – plenty of time sliding and swinging.  He was such a happy little boy!  We rounded out our easy Saturday with take-out bbq on our way home.  Just smelling bbq again made me feel like I was in Kansas City.

IMG_3599On the food front, not everything was as indulgent as bbq over the last couple of weeks.  Salad jars are still a favorite.  This one featured quinoa, chickpeas, fresh basil, diced cherry tomatoes, and crumbled goat cheese all mixed together.  I threw some spinach on top after taking the picture.  It tasted like summer – fresh and delicious!

I hope you’re enjoying beautiful weather and are surrounded by happy people.  Have a great rest of the week!

15.5 Months Old

Where does the time go?  I had this draft ready two weeks ago but I was waiting on some pictures to be sent my way.  The pictures are delayed and I figured that some iPhone pics would just have to do so that this post doesn’t become a 16 month update.


I decided monthly updates probably weren’t necessary after Jack turned 1, but he has been up to so many new tricks lately that I thought it would be fun to check in.IMG_0411

We had Jack’s 15 month checkup last week.  Our little guy isn’t so little anymore – 91% for height and 95% for weight!  He is still a phenomenal eater.  He starts his day with a bowl of steel cut oats and some berries.  He has started doing a Macaulay Culkin fist pump when he gets food that he especially likes – like raspberries and blueberries.  He loves most fruit and makes the sign language for bananas.  Fish is his preferred animal protein, (chicken is rarely enjoyed), and most vegetables are still a hit – especially peas, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans (only the flat ones!), and sweet potatoes.  And of course all things dairy like cheese, cottage cheese and greek yogurt are hits.

Sleeping is going really well.  The time change has pushed Jack’s bedtime back to 8pm but he likes to sleep until about 7:30am lately.  He’s down to one nap which makes going places on the weekend much easier to plan around.

He has 12 teeth and is working on getting his incisors and canines in next.  Poor little guy has been drooling again so hopefully these teeth will come in quickly and give him some relief.

IMG_0378And the really fun stuff…he has become more adventurous and is a little daring sometimes, flinging himself off the couch for a laugh.  He loves playing, running and dancing.  We got him a basketball hoop to have a good inside activity with the rough winter, and he LOVES it!  He says “ball” all the time, and has a pretty decent shot.

His language has really taken off in the last couple of weeks.  Earlier last week I was explaining to him that I had to change his diaper because it was so wet (he HATES having his diaper changed in the morning…or really anytime).  He looked at me and asked “diaper?” very clearly.  So in addition to saying mama, dada, and ball, he can tell you what sounds most of the animals make (cow, monkey, owl, lamb, doggy and cat are his favorites), says thank you (“shu shu”), yeah, uh oh, purple (and sometimes gets it right), hot, more, hat, brr! and bubble.IMG_0404

Speaking of bubbles, check out this bathtime video from last week from his first time saying bubble.

This age has been a lot of fun, but it would be remiss of me to not mention the start of toddler tantrums in our house.  The back-arching and screaming is not one of my favorite parts, but I guess it keeps us on our toes.  (Case in point:  Matt and I took Jack to the park last week on one of our first nice weather days for a picnic dinner and lots of playing.  As we congratulated ourselves on such a wonderful Monday night of parenting on our way to the car, Jack threw a complete fit not wanting to leave.  Kids are great for lessons in humility.)

Hope you have a great week ahead!

We like to move it…

Yep, we’re in one of the states with bitter cold and lots of snowfall…around 10 inches of snow.  And we have a pretty sick little guy in our house with a fever, major sniffles, and big time clinginess.  We’ve been cuddling a lot, and while not much is making him smile this video seems to make Jack happy.  It makes me pretty happy too, and if you’re waiting out the cold at home I hope this gives you some smiles.  And if you want to join in the dancing I bet it will help keep you warm!


12 Month Update

It is almost the end of 2013 and I am finally getting around to writing a 12-month update for Jack.  I just noticed I missed an 11-month update.  C’est la vie! Luckily, we had a trips to Kansas City, Effingham, and Rossville in the last few weeks so lots of people were able to see the updates in person. 1 year portrait (3)

Height and weight:  Over 24 lbs and 31.5 inches (88% for weight and 94% for height!  He jumped on both growth curves this appointment!)  He has come along way from the little peanut he was the first couple of months.Jack1

Food:  Jack is a voracious eater!  There are very few things he won’t eat, but his favorites are avocados, bananas, raspberries, clementine oranges, broccoli, string cheese, cottage cheese, peas, oatmeal, salmon and most fish, bbq sauce (Baby was born in Kansas City.  What else can I say?) Jack2

Teeth:  8 baby teeth, and two molars just popped up after Christmas, explaining the drooling and clinginess.

Party tricks:  Signing “hungry,” “more” and “music.”  Clapping, waving, blowing kisses, spinning in circles and dancing to music, singing into the tuberware, peek-a-boo.  Pointing to dada’s nose. Jack3

Words:  dada, momma, woof woof, and that are the only ones that he say consistently with meaning. Jack4

Likes:  Turning on electronics, cell phones, music (especially toddler radio on Pandora), reading books and turning the pages, anything outside (snow was a hit!), bathtime, running in circles around the kitchen, being chased, the park, the kites hanging from his bedroom ceiling, brushing his teeth (but having him drop his toothbrush is difficult), food time, wrestling and playing around, throwing balls.

Dislikes:  diaper changes, getting separated from mama, going down for naps, waiting for food, carrots.Jack5

In addition to finals and lots of travel, we also had a couple of rounds of stomach bugs at our house.  Poor Jack hasn’t even had a first birthday party OR birthday cake yet! I’m sure we will catch up on celebrating in 2014…and I’ll try to post an adorable video of Jack dancing soon!

Happy New Year!  Thanks for reading along over the past year with us.

Fitness Momma Gift Ideas – And a Giveaway!

This time last year I already had my Christmas shopping done, presents wrapped, and was trying my hand at the new mom thing. But this year, I got caught up in a busy first semester of my PhD, celebrated Jack’s first birthday, and as a result Christmas has completed snuck up on me!

So if you’re also a little behind on shopping and are looking for some Christmas gifts, I have some tried and true favorites that any fitness-minded momma (or non-momma) would love. (And continue reading through the post for an awesome give-away!)

1. Lululemon Wonder Unders – I love these pants! I have them in capri and full length. They are amazing for a run or yoga class because they are such a nice weight and have an amazing wide and comfy waistband. Plus, you can totally get away with throwing a pair of boots over these pants with a tunic (please cover your bum!) as non-workout attire, and then it seems a little easier to justify the price.wonderunders

And, no, sadly, that is not my backside but is from the Lululemon website.  Sigh.

2.  Philips Wake-up Light – This light alarm has pretty much changed my life. (A little dramatic, no?) I have tried to play around with workout scheduling but at this point in my life, early mornings just work out best. I am more consistent if I make sure to make my fitness a priority in the day, and getting a workout in before Jack (& Matt!) are up makes me feel like I am not missing out on them more than I already do. But the sun doesn’t rise until almost 8am at this time of year, so getting out of bed before 6am is tough.Wake-up Alarm

This light gradually lights up your room. You can also program it to play birds chirping. A lot of mornings, the light wakes me up before my phone alarm goes off. There are a couple of models out, but this is the one we have.

3. Another great gift for a busy person on your list is a TRX, especially if your giftee is familiar with suspension training. The basic TRX does come with a DVD (admittedly, I have not watched it) if your giftee has not done TRX before. I love it because I can workout at home if I can’t get out of the house for whatever reason. I used it a lot over maternity leave to sneak in a good workout over naps. Plus, I think it will be fun to take to the park with Jack so we can both play.TRX

4. A personalized fitness gift? How about a package of small training classes? At my new gym in West Lafayette, International Sports Club, they have a holiday package for 8 Barre classes for $55. Pretty nice deal! Or try small group training, like training offered by my favorite trainer in Kansas City, Jenny Chronister at City Gym. These classes feel like such a splurge, and what greater way to spoil someone you love?

5. And a final gift suggestion for the busy fitness momma friend if you’re looking to not drop as much cash…how about the gift of time? I am so impressed with friends who have trained for marathons. It is such a time commitment. And if you have kiddos, it is even tougher to carve out that time for adequate training. Gifting play time so that your loved one can get some running, yoga…whatever – time is truly a thoughtful gift.

Good news if you’re still in the midst of your holiday shopping. has put together some great lists for the moms, dads, kids and teens in your life.

XMAS_FB_GIFTGUIDE_FINCheck out their gift giving guides for some good ideas AND make sure to sign up for a chance to win one of the four $500 gift cards to featured retailers. (Enough money left over to buy something for yourself…) Holiday Sweepstakes

This link will show you the list of the gift baskets that is giving away.

I especially like their “moms” gift guide and coupon codes (free shipping, anyone?) to accompany their gift suggestions. And I’ll definitely be entering the Mom’s raffle, and hope you get a chance to enter too. $500 worth of gift cards to Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Kate Spade, Fresh Produce, Express,, Sephora, Bath&Body Works, and Target sounds like a nice start to a Merry Little Christmas. holiday gift guides for Moms

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This post was sponsored by  All product reviews were my own opinion…but if you want to buy any of them for me, that’s cool.  Just kidding…mostly…